The reason why we have to merge both STEM and humanities

In this modern time, interviews questions get harder and complicated but there is one question that didn’t take the attention that deserves attention .This question is: what is the true purpose of education at time when machines are getting smarter and smarter?

I have spent all my work time with some of the greatest engineers in technology and greatest humanitarians at the United Nation (UN).

We were thinking about how to give our customers the benefits of the technologies We found that the 5G can help us in our progress.

We have to understood that STEM Education has focused (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and this is a priority of our company to deal with. we are selling some books and also toys which are particularly made for the STEM education system.

We have noted earlier that STEM is so important thing in our time and we have to focus on it all the world to get the most benefit from and get whole generation that has been educated with that system.

This image below represent the countries with the most STEM graduates


And also we have to mention that our community growing focus on STEM have created for us a  dangerous mentality that made us under values other subjects that also can help us to become better in STEM, such as history, philosophy, literature, and the arts.

What we are trying to say here there is no any subject above the other one, on the contrary, we have to get rid of this mentality and division that are point less between sciences and humanities, and in order to present a new era we have to merge both of them in a way that has never been before.

In short what we really need are some great engineers that have seen the big image of what we are going to and they can analyze any kind of data’s.

As we have seen from big titles those past days a lot of CEO’s around the world have done some big mistakes about society safety as consumer privacy and also the integrity of the political system.

So for that, we have to learn from their mistake to make the technology deliver the promise that has given us ,about making the world a better place to live.

So for that, we conclude that we still in need of a cultural and moral compass, the thing that a lot of universities have marked it as a dismissed because they consider it as an anachronism.

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