Meccano MeccaNoid G15

Spin Master Meccano Meccanoid G15 – Meccanoid G15 Personal Robot – Built by You Using 600+ Pieces – 2 Foot Tall Wisecracking Best Friend When you build a Meccanoid G15™ Personal Robot, you’re building a friend. Built by you using 600+ pieces, the G15 is your 2-foot tall wisecracking best friend! With its amazing voice recognition capabilities and over a thousand pre-programmed phrases, comments and witty comebacks, it can tell jokes and play games!

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  • The Meccano Meccanoid G15 Personal Robot is for ages 10 and up. Batteries not included.
  • Includes: 621 Parts, 1 Meccabrain, 1 LED Module, 2 Hand Tools, 4 Servos, 2 Rear Wheel Assembly, 2 Motor Gearbox Assembly, Instruction Sheet