Most important things that you must know about STEM education

1 – Many countries that lead the world progress are likethat due to their achievement in STEM Fields, which collect in four fields are science, technology, engineering and math’s from this you can know where the name STEM came from

2 – Women and girls form a small number of in STEM fields.We have to mention and acknowledge their big talent in those fields and their big chance to be successful in STEM. It is very important for them to participate because women are  more than half of our planet population and they are only 24% in STEM workforce.

Organization are made especially for this issue, such as STEM for Her, its work too hard to reduce the gap and create more work force and more competition in the STEM fields

3 – STEM was considered as an educational concept at the beginning of the 21st century by the National Science Foundation and since then it gets big publicity as education movement.

Educators and Scholars have recognized its importance and the need to insert the STEM in primary school education and Custody, without STEM this century  wouldn’t be the same one that we are living now 

4 – Now it is the best time for youth to go ahead and jump into the STEM jobs and in the time that we are living in ,we see that those jobs are become available now more than any time before.

5 – You can see the STEM in all the life aspect, a lot of creative and invented minds have developed a lot of technologies that every one uses now as the internet that you’re reading this article from, food production and biomedical advancements and also transportation the STEM have touched all aspects life and make it better for that it is so important for us. 

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