Have you ever heard about the word STEM in terms of education? Are you aware of the significance of STEM Education in the life of an individual? STEM is known for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is necessary because it penetrates every part of one’s life. These subjects are being continuously developing into all aspects, therefore, making it certain for students to explore STEM-related concepts. By exposing pupils towards STEM Education, will undoubtedly emerge enthusiasm in them and they will persevere their future careers in the STEM field as well.

However, an Artificial Intelligence platform in the STEM Education Program will certainly be helpful for K-12 students. As you know, a learning management system is required for the students, and nowadays, most preferred methods are online courses on the internet, with the help of which a student can study and learn from any computing device present anywhere across the globe. Therefore, an AI platform comprises of modules related to different STEM subjects of the K-12 curriculum. We are in the 21st century where scientific and technological innovations have become critically important. Facing challenges towards both globalization and knowledge-based economy, students need to expand their skills in STEM to be considered as much more acceptable than in the past. The Artificial Intelligence System provides suitable recommendations by considering the preference and abilities of the learners through machine learning algorithms. Also, it provides motivational messages to the students based on their usage of the system. The Artificial Intelligence System includes a virtual tutor or a chatbot where the students can ask several questions related to STEM subjects and would sustain appropriate solutions for the same. 

STEM Education and Careers need to be the superiority of the nation to compete in the global economy. Children must understand the fact that what they are learning today is related to their future as well as the future of the world. STEM Enrichment Programs, therefore, includes the Engineering for Kids program for children aging from 4 to 14 years. STEM education creates decisive thinkers, enhances science literacy, and empowers the next peer of innovators.

Are you aware of the benefits of STEM Education? Here are some of you should look at!
Nourishes originality and creativity leading to new ideas and innovations.
Strengthens resilience
Sanctions experimentation
Encourages teamwork
Boosts knowledge application
Instructs problem-solving
Approves adaption

All the industries including education are severely impacted by the expeditious progress of technology specifically in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics. AI is being a prominent associate for some teachers while others fear that it might replace the role of a tutor altogether. Do you know how AI is currently being used in education? Since Artificial Intelligence is computer-based, therefore, it can be connected to several classrooms all across the globe. Recently, Microsoft has released a record of over 2,000 students and 2,000 teachers from the USA, Canada, Singapore, the UK, which shows that AI is already contributing schools and teachers along with innovative ideas to understand the students’ progress allowing them for personalized curation of content.

Gaze at some of the benefits mentioned below to know how AI is propitious to the Education System.

Personalized Training: Running a class of 30 students makes personalized learning nearly impracticable for every student. However, Artificial Intelligence grants a level of differentiation that customizes learning over an individual’s weaknesses and strengths.

Mentor’s First-Aid: Apart from teaching, mentors have to spend hours grading papers and preparing forthcoming lessons. However, robots can decrease the workload of teachers and provides more flexibility to focus on various other things.
Teaching the tutor: Artificial intelligence makes complete information available to the tutors at any time of the day. They can use this information to continue training themselves in things such as learning international languages.

Uniting everyone: Since AI is computer-based, it can be connected to various classrooms across the globe, encouraging more inclusive interaction, communication, and collaboration among the schools and nations.

Artificial intelligence is being applied fortunately in several educational cases specifically in STEM Education, enriching learning and student development, as well as the educators’ performance.

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